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is a branding consultancy helping clients to build stronger brands by defining, producing and maintaining their music and sound identity.

Why music?

How do brands stand out in a world where more companies than ever are competing for attention and people actively avoid advertising? Many brands turn to music and the reason is simple: it’s not only what your customers see that matters, but what they hear, feel and experience as well. Communicating through music is really communicating through emotions. Music builds memorable experiences, engages people to social interaction and helps to take an exclusive position in the audience’s mind. Read more below.

Stairway to heaven

Brands love music. We all do. Still very few companies succeed to fully utilize music’s emotional power to benefit their brand. Our Music Stairway helps illustrate the levels on which brands can approach music.

Many companies have taken the first step and become conscious about how they sound. That’s a good start, but there's more to music branding than choosing a catchy song for a TV-commercial.


Treating music merely on a tactical level often results in brands that look great but feel … less great. The lack of strategic framework is recognized in brands that may sound fine but not in tune with their identity, in brands that sound a lot like their competitors or in companies that unknowingly project multiple brand personalities because their sonic communication is based solely on random or subjective taste. Holding on to this ”ad hoc-attitude” makes it difficult to evaluate investments in music and one tends to miss out on the many benefits and brand power associated with taking a strategic approach.


So, what's YOUR next step?



Unconscious Music Usage

Tactical Music Usage



What we do:


Clarify music’s role for the brand and how initiatives, investments and choice of music and sound help achieve set communication goals.


Position the brand within the culture of music and unfold how by contributing to that culture, the brand becomes more relevant, attractive and better connects with its audience.


Establish the standards and guidelines for how the brand sounds, also where and when it is activated on various touch-points.


Activate set standards into creative production, design and curation of useful tools and assets that communicate the brand through music and sound.

Through a strategic approach, Heartbeats help companies take a step up the Music Stairway. Essentially this means we create a united perspective and a framework answering the fundamental questions of why, how, where and when to communicate the brand through music and sound. We bring these insights into our creative work, design and curation but also incorporate the framework in our client's brand manual.

Strategic Music Usage

Unconscious Music Usage

Tactical Music Usage

How we make heartbeats




How does your brand sound? Preliminary studies, an analysis and a workshop result in a manual for music that clarifies and illustrates why, how, when and where to communicate the brand through music and sound. This framework forms the creative brief for production of decided sonic tools and assets.


Heartbeats produces sound logotypes, music portfolios and other custom-made tracks for films, events, presentations and websites. We help define the creative brief, coordinate the production team and monitor the process from start to delivery.


Heartbeats scouts and licenses music for media productions, commercials and campaigns. We work with all genres of music from all kinds of labels and help spot or produce the track that make hearts beat.


Discover how music and sound can contribute to your brand communication. Invite your colleagues to a creative and ear-opening workshop where Heartbeats presents best case practices and guide you through various exercises. Breakfast is included.


Broadcast your brand! By establishing your branded radio station you'll find a new way to communicate with your customers at your retail outlets, company website, mobile devices or social media. Heartbeats offers a full-service solution including  concept development, media player, design, licensing and ongoing updates.



Create a brand experience that sound as good as it looks! Heartbeats curate music programs for stores, hotels, restaurants, fashion shows, exhibitions, events and other public spaces. We offer a full-service solution including design, scheduling, licensing, updates and a range of technical solutions for distribution and performing the music in the venue.


In addition to music, Heartbeats design, program and distribute video playlists and digital signage for public spaces. Do you run both music and digital signage in your venues? Our new media receiver runs both music and video program through ONE device.


The legal aspects of working with music professionally can sometimes be complex and difficult to manage. Heartbeats experts work in close dialogue with the music copyright societies, labels, rights owners and handle  agreements, licensing and reporting systems.


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